At Coastal Accounting we pride ourselves in adhering to the following principles which form the firm’s mission statement.



  • For Our Clients: To prove as valuable to our clients as they are to us by delivering the greatest level of integrity, quality of work, urgency and leadership.
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  • For Our Staff: To provide an environment to achieve, where each team member is treated with respect and given the tools to succeed and grow.
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  • For Our Business Partners: To create professional relationships with other trusted advisors that lead to a high level of engagement, trust and referral relationships.



  • We will maintain a culture and a strict set of internal regulations in order to uphold independence and a degree of ethics worthy of top professionals. Through these efforts we hope to be recognised as the most diligent firm in the profession.
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  • All partners and staff will be highly knowledgeable, capable in their position, and able to provide competent standards of service to clients.
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  • We will cultivate leading specialists in a number of specific areas and also support the development of younger professionals in those fields.
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  • We will be a firm in which all partners and employees feel motivated in their work and proud of their involvement.


Imraan Lockhat

(Managing Partner)

Imraan Lockhat was born on the 18th August 1979. In 1997 he matriculated on a full scholarship from DHS (Durban High School) for achieving a top three placing. He completed his B. Comm at the University of Natal, Durban. In 2003 he completed his Honours in Accounting at the University of Natal. After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 2006, he spent three years in commerce and industry before moving into private practice in 2008.

His areas of expertise include SARS audits, Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques, Business Strategic Consulting, External and Internal Auditing. Imraan can be contacted on info@L-inc.co.za

Rohith Ramsarup


Rohith Ramsarup was born on 08 September 1967. He joined D. Boodhram & Co. in 1988. Rohith completed a Pitman Bookkeeping programme in 1990 and has since specialised in bookkeeping and management accounts with an emphasis on personal attention. He has been with the practice since shortly after inception and has grown accustomed to the inner financial operations of many of the clients.

His areas of expertise include Accounting and Administration, Tax Compliance, Close Corporation Secretarial matters and Management Consulting. Rohith can be contacted on roy@coas.co.za

Ismail Lockhat


Ismail Lockhat was born on the 22nd July 1983. In 2001 he matriculated from DHS (Durban High School) whereupon he completed his undergraduate and postgraduate studies through the University of South Africa whilst simultaneously undergoing his articles at Nexia Levitt Kirson. Ismail qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2008, and is also a part time lecturer at the University of South Africa and Varsity College.

His areas of expertise include International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Consolidations, Attorneys Trust Audits and Education. Ismail can be contacted on ismail@l-inc.co.za


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