We analyse each client’s financial profile, objectives & attitude toward risk, and then develop a suitable wealth management plan.



After 30 years of supporting our clients, accounting services remain at the heart of what we do. Our partners specialise in many industries, providing clients with expert knowledge on the latest accounting standards, requirements and regulations.

Taxation & Planning

Most accounting firms can competently prepare a tax return. If you are looking for the lowest-cost provider to file your taxes, Coastal Accounting is probably not the right firm for you. Clients turn to us for consultative business and personal tax advice that helps them better plan for the future, manage costs, improve efficiency, and achieve greater profitability.

Business Valuation

If your business needs a professional valuation, you want to make sure you have someone who understands the complex issues involved in an accurate valuation. You want to know for sure what your business is worth. There may be inherent goodwill, specific growth opportunities, or contingent liabilities or assets that all impact on a valuation.

Being blacklisted doesn’t mean you can’t access financial assistance. Discover our range of under debt review and need a loan urgently in South Africa individuals today.